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We Offer Perfect and Affordable Solution for Sending Single and Bulk SMS.

At 1s2u, we are the one-stop platform that delivers affordable and reliable single and bulk SMS services.
By using a web browser, users can send SMS with ease to anyone anywhere in the world.
Due to our quest to offer the cheapest bulk SMS services, we provide competitive bulk SMS price that is affordable for all and sundry. So whatever your budget is, sending bulk SMS is always a possibility through our services.
Whether you operate as a developer or non-developer community or company, here we have created a unique platform that makes bulk SMS messaging a possibility for everybody.

Autoresponder – Send one or more automated messages to your customers after signing up.
Mass Text – Send bulk SMS to several customers.
Link Tracking – Convert long links in your SMS to short ones that can be tracked with ease.
Data Collection – Collect data about your customers for research and surveys.
To utilize our platform, you do not need any technical know-how as our platform is simple-to-use and suitable for everyone that wants to send SMS in bulk.
Our platform supports HTTP and SMPP interfaces. Resultantly, you can make use of HTTP URL in ensuring the delivery of your bulk SMS without any hassles

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